Risk Management

Risk management is one of the most essential aspects of risk consulting. Jitna, after relevant analyses and studies, determines existing and future position of establishments, identifies risks that may arise, and gives advice in order to eliminate such risks. Jitna also takes necessary measures against factors that may impose risks to the establishment in the future. Risk management is composed of several stages such as:

– First step in risk management is identification of potential risks.

– Then such identified risks are grouped by business activities.

– Inputs, production stages, market values and resources, financial values, overall volume of the market and legal conformity are used in order to shape risk management.

Risk management is one of the most important issues for establishments because:

– If you received risk management services you would not face surprises at the beginning and in the middle of your business career.

– You would be ready for any potential problem in terms of both material and moral aspects.

– Jitna from which you can seek advice and receive guidance will be always with you when you face a problem.

– You would be strong and powerful enough to cope with any problem.

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