Project Financing

In previous years, financial resources for project were provided from the cash of the company or credits from banks obtained against a guaranty; which provides a security for financing institutions and banks but also impose risks to project owners.

Today, project itself is guaranty. Project itself or its income is used as guaranty against project financing. Financing and costs are determined according to assessment of future cash flow of the project.

Financial support is provided to more than one companies through project financing so that risks are distributed and reduced. Therefore, there exists an opportunity to distribute and manage the risks. Project financing is a system designed to easily access to financial resources without disturbing balance structure of the companies. In order to do so it is essential to get more use of project-oriented risk management approaches and practices.

Jitna contributes to employment and economy through realizing valuable projects by providing 100 percent financial aid.

Industries provided with financial support:

  • Energy
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Recycling
  • Satellite City.
  • Mines
  • Technology
  • Resorts
  • Airport Constructions
  • Aircraft and Vessel Chains

Projects Completed

Jitna 2020