Operation Management

Each establishment tries to grow, develop and have a place in its market quickly. As is known, when it comes to an establishment there are many aspects related to it. First of all, an establishment is under control of a single person and composed of various departments and tries to accomplish its goals by use of team play. Therefore, operation management is essential.

Principal purpose of the operation management is to enable the business to flow smoothly and in a pre- determined way. In general, it aims to improve the establishment’s activities and general performance. In order to prevent any problem in any operation first thing that should be considered is planning. In addition to this resources should be used efficiently during an operation so that efficiency operation would be significantly increased. Like other activities operations may come with various risks. To minimize effects of such risks necessary measures should be taken before starting any activity. Problems usually deemed small can impose great risks to an establishment.

Jitna, by analysing each activity carried out in an establishment and their consequences, makes such processes more efficient, effective and consistent with the needs of the company.

Jitna 2020