Consulting on Small Medium Enterprise Expansion

Consulting services for SME expansion are provided to small- and medium-scale enterprises which enter upon their growth period or which are trying to set their development targets. SMEs should grow in a planned manner in order to be able to compete hold a place in larger markets. Basic preparations such as marketing, production, management required by growth should be carried out. Growth plan should be consistent with the establishment’s capabilities.

As each company has intrinsic characteristics its growth plan should be tailored to fit it. Jitna’s SME consulting services are concentrated on examination of existing position of the company and then determination of what should be done to accomplish the goals set. Periodically prepared reports are submitted to the establishment by following up a professional SME growth plan. Therefore, planned growth can be trace and, when necessary, interventions can be made on it. Then, development preparations are commenced and principal management system the establishment will apply is generated.

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