Bank Guarantee & Hedge Fund

Jitna, is an investment group that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base. With reference to your inquiry, Jitna is able to confirm to you and your partners;

  1. MTN placement with a SBLC Instrument Asset
  2. Bank Guarantee

The scope of our service is to provide successful a private financial transaction program with joined forces and combined financial and business assets. The transaction will take place with the banks that are legal, highly qualified, and authorized to such transactions. All involved parties are licensed by the trading authorities. The business will be done in a highly confidential, private manner.

Jitna will utilize assets in such a way, that a certificate of reserved financial block cash funds will be used as guarantee for the program. The assets shall be remaining reserved and blocked for duration of 1 year and one month at the partners account. The certificate shall be confirmed by a SWIFT Message MT760. Then the RWA Letter  has been received.




The proceeds will be generated by trading of “Medium Term Notes”; from those proceeds Jitna will disburse in favor of the Partner 98% of the face value in reference of the block cash funds certificate. The final Payment of the proceeds will be advanced within in 30 banking days after the certificate has been received by SWIFT MT 760 and is verified.


The banking charges for issuing the certificate of the reserved blocked fund will be reimbursed with the amount of up to 2% of the face value. Such payment will be confirmed on a bank to bank basis in response to the pre-advise (MT799) and will be paid immediately after the block funds SWIFT MT 760 has been verified.

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