Audit of Financial Statements

Audit of financial statements is a verification process carried out to express existing situation of financial position of a legal personality. Such audit aims to provide a reliable assurance. Main purpose of the audit is to enable financial statements to be examined in an objective and independent manner so that valuation and reliability of the financial statements prepared by the management enhances, user reliability to such statements increase and investment risk reduces. In addition, capital needed for the business to which investment will be made is saved. Financial audit service is one of many assurance functions provided by our company.  

Methods and tools used by Jitna in order to verify and provide reliability to financial statements are as follows:

  • Financing data check
  • Inventory control
  • Market survey
  • Assessment of annual balance
  • Planning and preparation of short-, mid- and long-term financial statements
  • Traceability of activities of establishments
  • Mutual agreement and understanding with financial institutions in terms of credit, etc.
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